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Drivers share their stories about driving their Detroit® products. From engines and transmissions to maintenance tips, drivers share the experiences they’ve had along the way, and some drivers have driven over a million miles and have become members of our Million Mile Club.  If you have a story you would like to share, submit it below.

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Million Mile Club

Detroit® engines are the most reliable, longest-running engines on the road. If you’ve logged a million miles on one, we want to welcome you to the club.

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Conquer the road with powerful, long lasting engines:

“My DD15® engine can handle just about anything. I’ve been hauling 40,000 pounds of dog food with it and it’s never let me down!”

Thanks to the power and versatility of the DD15® engine, Don is able to comfortably travel thousands of miles each year. From tackling steep inclines to tough roads and more, Don is happier than ever knowing his truck can take him anywhere he needs to go. He says he wouldn’t feel comfortable driving with anything less!

When Power Meets Comfort:

“With plenty of space in the cab and a whole lot of power under the hood, what more could I possibly want?”

Powered by a robust Detroit® DD15® engine, Dave’s Freightliner Cascadia is as powerful as it is comfortable. With a generous amount of electrical outlets available inside the truck, Dave’s able to stay connected to the rest of the world no matter where on the road he is. The road is never too lonely, though, since Dave’s been traveling with his adorable pug Babygirl for over five years now!

A Fuel Economy Designed with You in Mind:

“We both have DD15s. We couldn’t help but choose the same model: after all, they’re so very reliable AND have great miles per gallon, too!”

William and Edward are brothers-in-law that drive Freightliners powered by Detroit® DD15® engines. They frequently drive routes between California and Washington and love to meet up at stops along the way whenever they can, which is exactly why they love their fuel efficient DD15® engines!

Take Pride in Your Ride:

“There’s nothing more rewarding than keeping my equipment clean. It makes good first impressions and instantly lets everyone know I’m a professional.”

From his customers to other truck drivers to the DoT, Jeff never fails to impress with his sparkling-clean Freightliner Cascadia Evolution. Equipped with the Detroit Assurance® suite of safety systems, Jeff’s truck receives updates directly to his dashboard that keeps him protected and in control wherever he goes.

Explore the World in Style and Comfort:

“I just picked this Freightliner up four months ago and it’s been running great so far. Haven’t had a problem yet—it runs so smoothly I don’t know where I’d be without it!”

Having only just upgraded to a beautiful new Cascadia truck, Rick is ecstatic to discover the spacious interior of his new truck. So far, he’s put an incredible 47,000 miles on the DD15® engine and has yet to have a single complaint.

Shawn Franklin gets paid to travel in his Freightliner:

“My Freightliner truck is a perfect fit for me; it is the most comfortable truck I’ve driven.”

Powered by a DD15® engine, Shawn Franklin’s Freightliner allows him to get paid to travel and see things he would otherwise never get to see. Driving is what he loves!

Daniel Barcola on the importance of trucking:

“I’ve been a driver for 11 years and I’d never choose another job; I have the best seat in the office.”

Daniel drives for the Oregon Food Bank delivering needed food to remote locations throughout the state. He likes making a difference in people’s lives, as well as the independence of driving. His experiences make him a firm believer that trucks will always be needed, as they can bring products right to the door.

Lamont and Michelle Holifield love to travel together:

“We love our life on the road!”

A husband and wife driving team, the Holifields’ passion for travel has led them through 48 states over 11 years. Lamont and Michelle have driven over 778,000 miles in their Freightliner Cascadia powered by a DD15® engine. They love spending time together and couldn’t imagine trading their life on the road for a desk job. Their Doberman, Roxy, agrees!

Ioan Leahu on why he loves his job:

“I get to be on the road during the day, and home at night. A sweet job!”

Ioan arrived in the United States from Romania six years ago so his wife could be near her family. Today, he drives the Portland to Seattle route for a company with a fleet of 40 Freightliner trucks. Ioan thinks of the company’s diverse community of drivers as his extended family. Powered by a Series 60 engine, he drives a Freightliner with an impressive 1.7 million miles to its name.

David Schoneck on hitting the million mile mark:

“I was driving through DeForest, Wisconsin when I hit a million miles - I took a picture and kept on moving.”

Powered by a DD15®, David drives his Freightliner an average of 167,000 miles per year.

Bob Caffee on getting great mileage:

“Drive at 60 mph and keep the left door shut — get as far as you can without stopping. Every time you start up, you burn fuel. Use cruise control; take advantage of the engine's computer.”

Bob has a lifetime average of 12MPG in his Freightliner light freight truck powered by a Detroit® DD13® engine.

Frank Larger on driving smart:

“Don’t try to drive it old-school. I used to take the cruise control off; now I leave it on and get better mileage.”

Frank drives a Cascadia with a DD15®, but is also a fan of the Detroit® Series 60 engine – he says it is still the best around!

Corey Buesch's tips for long engine life:

“Limit your idle and use engine run time for making money down the road. I keep my DD15® @1300 rpm and at 60 mph.”

Bill Ater's secret for keeping his engine running:

“Maintenance. I'm always looking it over, keeping the oil changed myself, and doing oil analysis so I know what's going on. Taking care of any leaks as they happen — don't want to get my Alpine Green paint messed up! That's right, Alpine Green. Memory lane ...”

Chris Martino shares some tips:

“Yearly tune-ups, low RPM shifting, preventative maintenance, oil samples, and a bypass oil filter system.”

Ken Stewart on Detroit® engines:

“I attribute my Detroit's long life to better than average maintenance; and the fact that the Detroit® engine line is engineered better than most H.D. diesel engines on the market.”

Dereck Kiragu hit a million miles on his way to St. Louis:

“I was excited since I knew that the odometer was going to roll one million miles. I had my camera ready as I was driving on I-70 West on my way to St. Louis, Missouri. Weather was sunny and warm with clear skies.”

Robert L. Williams, Jr.'s truck was running smooth when it hit the million mile mark:

“I was in Knoxville on my way to Washington, D.C. and it was a great feeling to hit the million mile mark! She was running as smooth as normal.”

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