Detroit eConsulting is how it all begins.

The future is electric, and we know the way.

Detroit eConsulting is a team of eMobility experts dedicated to every step of electric truck conversion. They analyze power grids, fleets and infrastructure, walk you through the landscape of EV rebates, and map out in detail how your fleet of electric trucks can achieve maximum sustainability and profitability on your way to zero emissions.

We offer three levels of EV Consulting to provide customized EV support delivered via a single point of contact who will provide everything from the core principles of truck electrification to a scalable, comprehensive four-month program. All eConsulting solutions and services are customizable to fit your specific needs.

Make the smart decisions up front.

Planning ahead and starting out right is the key to success. In-house Electric Vehicle Consulting teams work with the utilities, contractors and vehicle designers to create a detailed plan developed specifically for your needs – now and into the future. We know how to help you save on set up today and lay the groundwork for cost-effective expansion in the future.

Maximize available EV rebates, incentives and grants.

The Detroit eConsulting team has a deep knowledge of current EV rebates and which ones are likely to come available in the near future. Our team is highly skilled at walking customers through the process of applying for applicable local, state and federal incentives, rebates and grants for going electric, significantly increasing odds of approval. EV rebates, grants and incentives can reduce upfront costs for both electric truck conversion and charging depots.


Fully integrated multi-level consulting for small, medium and large fleets.

Detroit eConsulting is a one stop shop when it comes to a fully integrated approach to managing mixed fleets of medium- and heavy-duty electric trucks, offering a full suite of Detroit eMobility solutions for your current, and future logistical needs.

Detroit eConsulting teams literally work alongside our vehicle engineering teams. We don’t simply match specs, we run the tests. And we have more electric trucks on the road than anyone else.

A best-in-class charging system.

Our chargers, vehicles and software have been developed and validated together for maximum compatibility. And the core technology in our electric commercial vehicle chargers is a scaled-down version of the industrial-grade inverters used in big solar, creating the most robust, rugged and reliable chargers on the market. That’s how, and why, we offer a best-in-class, 5-year warranty.

EV Consulting Services may include:

  • Preliminary site walkthrough for charging setup and layout.
  • Assessment of energy components including utility tariffs.
  • Assessment of fleet components, logistics, and incumbent vehicle and drive management systems.
  • Comprehensive load data collection.
  • Effective, data-driven range prediction.
  • Strategic, full-spectrum infrastructure investment analysis.
  • Operating cost optimization.
  • Ongoing technical and economic recommendations.
  • High-level infrastructure and conceptual engineering drawings.
  • Utility engineering review and follow-up inspections.


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Want to go electric, but aren’t sure where to start? We’ve got your back. There are two key ingredients that you need to build your electric vehicle fleet: the right truck charging stations, and a dedicated team of electric vehicle consultants to help integrate everything seamlessly into your operations. At Detroit, we can provide both – and we’re with you every step of the way.

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