Detroit Diesel Corporation Emphasizes MBE 900 and MBE 4000 Engine Readiness at Diesel Technology Forum Event

WASHINGTON D.C. -- Detroit Diesel Corporation’s MBE 900 and MBE 4000 diesel engines will continue to offer customers the power, durability and performance they’re accustomed to while meeting 2007 emissions standards. The company continued to demonstrate its EPA ’07 readiness earlier today at a Clean Diesel Event hosted by the Diesel Technology Forum at Woodrow Wilson Plaza in Washington D.C.

“We are looking forward to a successful launch of our MBE 900 and MBE 4000 engines next January,” said Glenn Lysinger, Chief Compliance Officer of Detroit Diesel Corporation. “Our MBE engines have undergone a significant amount of testing and will deliver the reliability and durability that our customers have come to expect, while at the same time, meeting the 2007 emissions standards.”

The new emissions standards require engine makers to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions by more than 50 percent and particulate matter emissions by 90 percent for all on-highway diesel engines produced in 2007. The engines also will use specially formulated engine oil and lower-sulfur diesel fuel.

Beyond emissions, both models feature other improvements.

MBE 900 Medium-Duty Diesel Engine

The standard displacement on the 2007 MBE 900 medium-duty diesel news release engine will grow to 7.2-liters. Previous MBE 900 models covered the power range with four different engine configurations. The 2007 MBE 900 will feature just one displacement, which will offer more power and durability. The MBE 900 is available in ratings from 190 hp to 300 hp and 520 to 860 lb.-ft. torque.

For the 2007 model year, customers can choose between a standard power version of the MBE 900 featuring ratings of 190 to 250 hp and 520 and 660 lb.-ft. torque and a high performance version with 260 to 300 hp and 800 to 860 lb.-ft. torque.

The 2007 MBE 900 will also have a 350 hp and 860 lb.-ft. torque rating available. The rating is designed specifically for the recreational vehicle, fire truck and emergency medical service applications.

With the changes required to meet EPA ’07, the redeveloped MBE 900 continues to serve its diverse customer base, offering a wide range of power ratings. With this broad spectrum of choices, buyers can spec the most economical, and best matched, components to fit their specific application.

The MBE 900 is ideal for use in medium-duty truck applications such as pickup and delivery, food and beverage services, towing, recreational vehicle, fire and emergency services, utility, refuse and school bus.

MBE 4000 Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine

The MBE 4000 heavy-duty diesel engine also has new torque ratings along its power range which runs from 350 to 450 hp with 1250 to 1650 lb.-ft. torque. The MBE 4000 can now be specified with 370 hp with 1250 lb.-ft. torque. For customers with weight sensitive applications, the MBE 4000 now offers 450 hp rating with 1650 lb.-ft. torque.

The MBE 4000 comes with a standard engine brake that provides up to 370 braking horsepower. A premium engine brake option is available with up to 580 braking horsepower.

The MBE 4000, with the best power-to-weight ratio in its class is ideal for many vocational applications, such as regional distribution, vocational and bulk hauling.

MBE 900 and 4000: A Winning Combination for Diesel Engine Offerings

Both the MBE 900 and MBE 4000 engines will use the DDEC VI electronic control unit, which will also be standard on the Detroit Diesel Series 60 heavyduty engine. By offering the same electronic platform across all Detroit Diesel onhighway engines, fleet managers will be able to streamline diagnostic tools, technician training and parts availability. The DDEC VI offers increased microprocessor power and enhanced diagnostics.

Both engines will feature similar Aftertreatment technology to meet 2007 emissions standards. The MBE 900 and MBE 4000 will use optimized EGR to treat NOx and an Aftertreatment System to reduce particulate matter emissions. The Aftertreatment System will replace standard mufflers with a Diesel Oxidation Catalyst and Diesel Particulate Filter.

The MBE 900 and MBE 4000 will also feature an electrostatic breather to address crankcase emissions requirements. The device will take oil out of crankcase vapors and return the oil back into the crankcase. Unlike other 2007 on-highway diesel engines, DDC’s solution to crankcase emissions does not use a filter and will not require routine maintenance.

The MBE 900 and MBE 4000 will also use a new fuel system multi-injection capability. The system will help meet emissions targets while maximizing fuel economy and performance. The new fuel system also enables the MBE 900 and MBE 4000 to run smoother and improves the overall sound quality of the engines.

The Diesel Technology Forum is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting clean diesel technologies. Forum members include engine and vehicle manufacturers, diesel fuel refiners, and manufacturers of emissions control devices. For more information about the Forum, visit the web site at

Detroit Diesel Corporation is a leading manufacturer of on-highway heavy-duty diesel engines for the commercial truck market. The company offers a complete line of engines from 170 to 515 horsepower for the on-highway and vocational markets. Through its corporate headquarters in Detroit, Michigan, Detroit Diesel is engaged in the design, manufacture, sale and service of these products, in addition to supporting alternative and hybrid engine strategies for the commercial truck marketplace. Detroit Diesel is a subsidiary of DaimlerChrysler and part of the Freightliner group of companies.

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