Powertrains: How integrated components drive productivity

Powertrain 08/01/2022

Whether your fleet operates on the road or a job site, success depends on everything coming together in just the right ways. But getting work done rides on much more than expert planning and management. It depends on what’s inside every one of your semi trucks: a fully integrated powertrain.

An Integrated Powertrain: Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts

Keeping your competitive edge takes a fully integrated powertrain that matches your truck’s unique needs. However, integration means much more than spec’ing an engine, transmission and axles from the same manufacturer. It’s all about how the components work together.

The Integrated Detroit® Powertrain (IDP)

While Detroit offers a range of powertrains that can be spec’d to help your semi truck perform at its best, the Integrated Detroit Powertrain (IDP) is at the cutting edge of performance. It offers the latest, most efficient version of Detroit components:

Benefits Of The Integrated Detroit Powertrain


Downspeeding: How The IDP Delivers More

It’s easy to see the benefits of the more efficient, longer-lasting and better-performing Integrated Detroit Powertrain. But how does the IDP achieve all three with no drawbacks? The answer: downspeeding. Michael Young, Product Marketing Manager at Daimler Truck North America, explains downspeeding in a nutshell: “A downsped powertrain slows a truck’s engine down without slowing the truck down, leading to better fuel efficiency and performance.”

Here are the key differences that make up Detroit’s downsped powertrains:

“A downsped powertrain slows a truck’s engine down without slowing the truck down, leading to better fuel efficiency and performance.”

- Michael Young, Product Marketing Manager, Daimler Truck North America


We Can Help You Spec The Right Powertrain

Even if you’re not looking for the ultimate level of efficiency with the IDP, Detroit has plenty of powertrain configurations that offer substantial benefits for a range of applications, from the road to the job site. Talk with your local dealer to spec the semi truck that’s perfect for you.

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